Autism Advocacy Organization

Clark County Nevada

Our Mission

Promoting quality education and support services for autistics and the neurodiverse community for a better world.

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Who we are:

A grass roots organization made up of neurodiverse and neurotypical Clark County Nevada residence who want the brightest future for us all!

Our organization was founded by Drew White-Jacobson an advocate for the neurodiverse community, dyslexic adult, and mother of two autistic children, Adonna Miller, a KIDS program teacher and public eductor with nearly 3 decades of experience, and Jessica Brooks a primary autism teacher specializing in autism education and early childhood education.

We have gained incredible momentum since the conception of this organization and strive to recruit and engage diverse members who can help us build a better world.

What we do:

Initiative 1: Save the KIDS program

We are building awareness and advocating for Clark County to reinstate funding for 2 aids in the KIDS program (Autism Pre-K classroom) and return to a 10 student classroom cap.

Clark County increased class size March 2023, to 11-12 students. Starting August 2023 the 3 person staff (one teacher two aids) will be reduced to one teacher and one aid. These changes result in a 20% increase in class size and a 33% reduction in skilled educational services and supervision during critical early intervention years for these autistic children. In addition to our concerns about the reduced quality in education these children will receive, this is a major safety concern. These classrooms require calm and capable staff to intervene when students become overwhelmed, distracted, or distraught. These children, as well as the educators who teach them deserve our support!